Every mother wants to be a guardian angel and a guiding force in her child’s life. From the little one’s first moment out in the world, she ensures that not even the slightest thing causes harm to her children. Unfortunately, society makes new mothers believe this can happen only by full-time moms or homemakers. These expectations make working moms believe they are not giving enough time to their children. They develop guilt in their hearts which grows even stronger with the harsh comments of the society. So what’s the secret to being a successful woman, a role model, a brilliant housewife, and a strong individual all at once?

Working Supermoms is a platform that helps these working moms realize they are the real heroes in any family. These brave moms are not only ensuring a good upbringing for their children but also burning the midnight oil to guarantee a good lifestyle and quality education as well. Working moms are the most sacrificing personalities: they get so occupied in fulfilling their professional and personal life responsibilities that they give up on their individual self. They forget who they are as a person, what skills they possess, things they love to do in their leisure time, their talent and the value of having a peaceful sleep. We are an active platform that offers help to such mothers through our sessions. We create an urge in them to rediscover their hidden talent and lost identity and make them realize that they are not only mothers or employees. They have their own individual identity and personality as a human being. We strive to make sure that these mothers revamp their lives and be happy in doing what they love. The secret ingredient then is to be able to divide the meagre 24 hours in a day into time dedicated to work, home, kids, and the self.

Our primary training at Working Supermoms helps a mom manage her time well enough that nothing gets ignored – especially her. Our focus is on excluding factors that create a negative impact on their individual self. We make them realize the harm that is caused to their mental health because of overthinking and stressing over things they can’t control. Our sessions include various activities that help in relaxing their minds and limiting their thoughts to what they can control. We divert their energy towards something of a positive consequence. We help them in determining their priorities and excluding what they are not responsible for. As a working mom, our responsibilities and duties are divided into two parts: the duties that they have as an employee and the duties they have to perform as a mom and a housewife. Besides this, these strong and courageous ladies shouldn’t be responsible to perform any further task as a part of their daily routine. Working moms can do wonders with their skills and talent if they keep themselves dedicated to honing them.