Being a working mom might look simple theoretically, but those who have this responsibility on their shoulders know the obstacles a working mom faces every day. These responsibilities are similar to a working father’s, which include earning a living and spending quality time with family, but it goes beyond that. A working mom also has to discipline and raise her child; make sure the little one eats and sleeps on time and that they don’t get into trouble and do their homework – while of course maintaining the house and taking care of chores.

Despite all these expectations, every mom tries her level best to keep pushing in their daily life. However, with such a busy routine, there is barely any time to keep up with who they are as individuals. A working mom may look fine but her mind is exhausted and her body is stressed. Imagine being so preoccupied for the rest of your life that you forget everything that makes you, you.
At Working Supermoms, we help these moms reconnect with their personality and encourage them to spare time for themselves. We urge them to take time away from their responsibilities. The following process is followed to help the mom get back to who she is:

Step 1 – Let Go of the Controller

Like our little ones control their video game persona with a controller, we as working moms tend to expect even real life to be in our control: even things our will has no consequence over, like past events, the environment, or negative people; and this leads to negative thoughts. The reason life feels so out of control is that you’re trying to control it, but you need to drop that controller and focus on what you can do instead.

Step 2 – By Worrying, You Suffer Twice

“Don’t worry, be happy” is a band-aid solution for a bullet hole. Instead, you need to ground yourself and list all the things you can work on. That list gives you a clear understanding of what you need to do next.

Step 3 – It’s Okay to Feel Things – but Keep Them in Check

Women are more in touch with their emotional side than the other sex. This means we are more prone to stress caused by overthinking, which leads to anger and frustration. It is crucial to remember while dealing with your little ones or colleagues at work that your frustration is caused by your overthinking. Though it is alright to be upset, it is important to not take it out on anyone around you: especially at work, because that gives your fellow employees the impression of the grossly stereotyped angry emotional woman.

Step 4 – Take Charge Today

As mentioned above, your behaviour and actions show the results of your thought process. Those who keep their thoughts, as well as emotions in check, can take action in their lives to build a more organised routine and simpler life. This only comes after following all the steps above, so don’t go skipping any!

Step 5 – Result

Congratulations! If you’ve made it through all the steps, then you’ve arrived at this sweet release from stress and worry. You now have a more comprehensive understanding of your life, know the impact and power your thoughts and actions can have, and how you can harness them. Now you have the unparalleled power of a woman who knows what she wants and how to get there.