Being a professional means being ready to cater to the challenges that appear during the struggle of building a career. These challenges double for working moms who need to give complete attention to that little one she just brought into this world.
In the present era, most working mothers feel guilty about leaving their precious one in daycare when they leave for work. They try to manage their time equally between their life as a parent and as a professional. However, the guilt of leaving the child behind results in overthinking about aspects that are not in their control in nearly all cases. Over the years that I’ve spent working with other women to help them take charge of their lives, I’ve noticed that moms report a lot of their overthinking happens at work while worrying about their child’s behaviour. The most common thoughts that often disturb working mothers include things such as what if their child is hungry, having a bad mood, not feeling well, and most importantly what if the child is missing her. This causes nothing but further problems in physical and mental health. Apart from that, keeping the brain under a constant state of stress means being unable to give a hundred percent at work which can create a negative impact.

The Working Supermoms Tribe is a platform that offers professional counselling sessions that helps in understanding the essential aspects that require extreme focus to maintain a healthy balance between motherhood and professionalism. We also have a Boss Mammas Holistic Lifestyle Program that provides sessions in which the core aim is to focus on the most vital aspects of life. Working on these aspects and performing relevant activities can actually help in bringing in a shift in perspective as well as a more comprehensive lifestyle. This can help the working mom understand the need to change perception before trying to find balance. The following aspects are what require work:

Self-Evaluation and Care

The first step is to identify who you are, what your skills or talents are; and how you should take care of these and yourself. Every mother needs to realize that she is a multidimensional human too and deserves the same care as any other human being. We mothers are always so busy working that we often forget who we are and how we need to treat ourselves.

Understanding Priorities

The most interesting part of the whole program is to realize that moms are overthinkers – all of us are. We need to understand that we are mothers of our own children and not Mother Teresa who should be concerned about everything happening around the world. Therefore, it’s time to set your priorities straight so you can restrict your thinking only to the people around us.

Balancing Professional and Personal Life

Work should not be in your mind when you are stepping into your home or personal life. Most mothers are very cautious about their career – we have to be! Otherwise, we are accused of not being dedicated enough and might be passed over for opportunities or promotions – which leads to feeling overburdened and tensed even during family time. Therefore, it is important to leave work at your desk at night and leave personal matters at the door in the morning.

Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

You can’t cope with daily challenges if you’re not healthy. Controlling your thinking process can actually help stabilize your mental health and keep your mood happy. Your emotions will stay in your control if your body is getting proper care and attention.

Nutrition & Diet

As mothers, we care more about our families eating on time but we end up eating at odd hours; this tendency could make the immune system to grow weak over time and the metabolism, weaker. It also makes your body lose the nutrition that is vital to keep you strong and healthy, as well as causing restlessness and feeling sleepy and irritated. The nutrition you give your body is important in helping you take care of your loved ones.


Being a parent is not an easy task, especially for mothers. We have to be efficient enough to understand our children’s’ silent language, deal with their mood swings, and take care of their diet while making sure that nothing harms them. We need to keep our mood upbeat and treat every emergent issue with patience when it comes to the little ones. They should be happy and excited that their mom is home and ready to hear their day at school or whatever they want to talk about, regardless of the amount of sense it makes.


Your relationship with your spouse should be happy and peaceful. The love and support from him help you keep tackling the obstacles of daily life. Besides, it helps to know that you have a partner in this madness called life and that he is there for you no matter what you are dealing with.


Keeping all these aspects in check helps you keep your productivity high. It means you can actually get some work done so that you can provide a comfortable living for your family. It also helps you build an individual self that is separate from being a parent or wife, and more to do with your strengths and skills.