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Is life just not what you had hoped? Has motherhood disrupted your peace of mind and body? Is your business or career depleting you, leaving you empty and exhausted? It is easy to get lost in the shuffle, drowning in obligations, guilt, and lack of self-care. Perhaps you have been a driven career woman with lofty goals and unending dedication, however now everything feels different. You aren’t sure how to make things right, but you know that this isn’t working.

You might feel:

  • Anxious about leaving your baby and returning to work?
  • Overly tired or like all your energy is depleted so you can’t excel at work?
  • Like you have lost your passion for your career?
  • Afraid to follow your dreams?
  • Concerned that people are judging you and your struggles?
  • Overwhelmed because you never have time to invest in yourself?

You’re not alone! So many hard-working corporate and entrepreneurial women have been there at some point. While this may be common, it isn’t good. You deserve a better life and you are capable of having it. Through expert empowerment coaching with proven systems, you can obtain the life of your dreams.

Expand , Explore & Evaluate ! – Navya Jajimi

You have goals:

  •  Earn a good living
  •  Have passion for your career
  •  Be successful at home and at work
  •  Spend quality time with your family
  •  Enjoy every moment of your life without regrets
  •  Live an organized, stress-free, and joyful life

Invest in the most important part of building this life, yourself! Develop the systems to embrace your family, career, and life once more with zeal and peace. Identify your passion and overcome those seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Unlock your limitless potential.


  • Designed for individuals who know the specific challenge they face and are simply seeking a solution.
  • Ideal for people who prefer community and learn better in group settings.
  • Program is built on a set progression of modules
  • More relaxed environment because you are not the sole focus
  • Lower price point makes it more affordable
  • Perfect for women who thrive in shared experiences as you will have other people to cheer you on and celebrate with you.
  • Session dates/times are set and predictable
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  • Designed for individuals that need to explore, in depth, the challenges they are facing. They lack clarity on what to do next and don’t yet know the solution.
  • Ideal for women who prefer one-on-one environments.
  • Provides more opportunity for personalized attention to explore your strengths, weaknesses, personality, quirks, etc
  • Modules are customized based on your needs and progression.
  • You will get more time, focus and accountability from your coach.
  • Session dates/times are flexible – we will go at your pace.
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