I can assure that if you are a working woman and a mom as well, stress is a daily activity. The time must be small of this stress taking cycle but it will increase gradually on a daily basis. According to research working moms are the most hyperactive humans regardless of the gender difference. They try to fulfill the responsibilities of a professional and duties they have as being a mother.
Working moms are constant victims of stress and overthinking which also makes them patients of further severe medical issues such as mental disorders, cardiac issues and more. Every mother who deals with professional and personal life needs mental and physical health to maintain stability. However, due to being unable to manage their lives most of these mothers do not get enough time to eat properly and peacefully. This results in losing the essential nutrition from the body which makes them an easy target for medical issues.
Apart from lack of nutrition, there are other problems that your body has to deal with when your life is unorganised. The worst medical issues are:


Spending a significant time of your day outdoors automatically increases your intake of junk food: snacks and fizzy drinks. The reason is not primarily normal hunger since stress also increases hunger and makes you want to eat. In such cases, you automatically start gaining weight and if you have a genetic tendency of obesity then even a small portion of food can make things worse for you.
Junk food or instant meals are often considered as comfort food. It doesn’t require a lot of time and effort all you need to do is heat it or fry it. Furthermore, stressed out moms naturally increase their sugar intake by eating dessert and sweet dishes when they feel hungry.

Sleeping Disorders

Being a mom means to deal with the daily mood swings of your children. Apart from that, you have to make sure that your children stay well-mannered as well. All these duties become really stressful when you are a responsible employee too. You don’t get enough time to maintain your house along with all the other tasks. As a result, you may do overtime at your house too by staying up late to finish your chores.
Such reasons cause sleeping disorders as you don’t get enough time to have a good night’s sleep. It can result in a constant headache, mood swings, and restlessness for the whole day.

How to overcome such issues and get your life back on track?

You can actually handle your stress and all duties without affecting your health, all you need to do is rearrange and manage your life. A professional counselor who is also a working mom, Navya Jajimi is working to motivate all the mothers out there to manage their life in a way that they can find peace of mind. She conducts interactive sessions and beneficial activities to make them realize how vital it is to keep your own identity and personality alive apart from being a mom and a working professional. She emphasized the fact that even moms have a passion for something that used to interest them once when they had time for it but due to being unable to cope up with it they forget about it. She focuses on making her clients discover their hidden talents and skills that they can master. It is not only vital for your own self but also for your professional life responsibilities and personal life duties that you have towards your children.

She enforces every client to initiate a mechanism within her mind, which is entitled to the inner me. That begins your way towards a positive, peaceful and stress-free life.